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Jonple Health and Fitness App

Your first week FREE then 50% off





  • Get your first 7 days for FREE
  • 50% off a 3 or 12 month subscription
  • Lose weight or stay fit
  • Meal plans tailored to you and your goal
  • Fitness customised to your ability
  • Step-by-step video guides
  • No equipment needed
  • Choose home or gym workouts to suit you
  • Hundreds of nutritious recipes
  • Thousands of exercises
  • Keeps you motivated



About Jonple


What has every diet you’ve cheated on, exercise plan you’ve left unfinished and gym membership you’ve ever left unused have in common? You!


But you aren’t the reason they didn’t work, they just weren’t made to work for you.


That’s where Jonple is different.


Imagine having a personal trainer that’s with you all the time, understands your ability and is there whenever you need it. Then imagine having a nutritious meal plan that’s tailored just to you.


That sounds more like it, doesn’t it?


How about having your own guide to help keep you motivated through it all? One that helps you understand what could take you off track, and support you in making simple changes to your behaviour that help keep you focused on your goal.


That’s what Jonple gives you. Your own nutritionist, personal trainer and lifestyle coach in your pocket.


Its smart technology creates a personalised nutrition, fitness and motivation plan just for you.


Whether you want to lose weight or simply keep fit, Jonple will help to keep you on track.


Join now and get your first seven days for FREE, plus save 50% when you subscribe for three or twelve months!




About this offer
  • Opening Times: See Website for opening times
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About The Offer

1 week free

50% off 3 and 12 month subscriptions


Unique offer to Kids’ Pass members, our 50% off code gives you a fantastic discount off a Jonple subscription. You will save:


  • 3 month subscription - normally £39.99, you pay £20.00 (saving £19.99)
  • 12 month subscription - normally £129.99, you pay £65 (saving £64.99)



How to Redeem Your Voucher


  • To claim your discount, head to
    Please note: You must sign up via the website, you cannot use the coupon code via the app directly.
  • Follow the sign up process, filling in your details, and select the plan that best suits you. When prompted enter the coupon code and Click NEXT.
  • You’ll now complete the signup process and will be asked to answer a few questions which will help us define the correct program for you.
  • The signup process does take around 10 minutes so please give yourself time, we need you to answer a series of questions to ensure we deliver the right program to you. It's a little bit like doing a gym introduction. 
  • Once done you're all set to start using Jonple! ????
  • Download the Jonple app on the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching 'Jonple'. (Link to
  • Sign in with the login details you have created during sign up
  • Begin your Jonple journey!

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