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Top Autumn Activities

There’s a reason why Autumn is many peoples favourite time of the year. Beautiful pastel colours decorate our daily surroundings, whilst the crisp, refreshing air seems to breath a new life into us. It also makes snuggling up for indoor activities like watching a movie, that much more rewarding!

With that, let’s jump straight in to all the amazing autumn activities for you and the family. Where, when, and how you can enjoy them.

Top Autumn Activities

thornton hall pumpkin picking

1. Halloween & Pumpkin Picking

Halloween is truly a spooktacular occasion, where some of our favourite worst nightmares come to life. You also get to dress up and be a real Adams family, go pumpkin picking, eat lots of yummy sweets, the tots (or nan) get to lose a few wobbly teeth playing duck apple! And every creative parent’s favourite, pumpkin carving!

But how you choose to celebrate Halloween will depend on your family size, interests, and age. With that in mind we’ve put together some the best, Halloween events and Pumpkin picking patches & carving ideas for you.

kids with sparklers

2. Bonfire Night

Bonfire night, celebrated every year on the 5th of November, is not just one of the best autumn occasions, it’s one of the best all year around hands down. Celebrate it with friends and family whilst stood around a bonfire or by looking up to the nights sky to witness the dazzling firework displays.

Don’t miss out on the very best Bonfire night events near you, check out our list of the best bonfire events & firework displays near you.

haunted mansion in forest

3. Ghost Stories & Haunted Places

Telling ghost stories is a fantastic pastime in autumn, especially in the build up to Halloween! Through ghosts, ghouls, warlocks, and witches, you can really bring this special occasion to life. With that lets look at some of the best family friendly ghost stories in the UK.

There’s the Mermaid of Kinder Scout! In a pool of lifeless marsh water there’s a mermaid that lurks on easter eve and she’s rumoured to drag anyone who ventures too close to the water’s edge, to their demise!

Or what about the Enfield Flyer! A coach that speeds down Bell Lane threating to run unsuspecting walkers over! It’s said that the ghost coach is forever repeating its fatal crash.

Thirsty for further chills then check the top 10 kids ghost stories. If you want to visit some spooky spots the check out more Haunted UK locations.

family on an autumn walk

4. Family Friendly Walks

The UK has some of the most celebrated scenery the world over, and it’s only more impressive in Autumn as the wilting and waning plant life, reveal a land that is truly alive. The perfect way to explore the scenery is with a simple and family friendly walk. It’s cheap, it keeps you healthy and away from the TV.

Let’s explore the country’s most beautiful autumn walks near you.


Brodick Castle

A magnificent turreted castle with a playful garden and over 400 varieties of daffodil. There are many walks around the estate, there is a beautiful pond and shrubbery, which are accessible and completely free. There is also a playful garden at Brodie Castle which is full of excitement for all the entire family. More family walks in Scotland.


Rhossili headland, Gower

Rhossili beach is stunningly beautiful, and the children will love the excitement of the old stranded shipwreck. A three and a half mile walk to Worm's Head, takes around 90 minutes. It’s vital you read the safety board before you set off, so you avoid being marooned by the tides. More Family Walks in Wales..


Red Squirrel Reserve, Formby

Red squirrels have seen a huge decline in numbers in recent years, so much so it’s a rarity to see them in England. Luckily Formby is one of the few places in the country where these charming creatures can still be seen, and this National Trust site provides the perfect place to go on a squirrel-spotting adventure. Amble onto the beach after you are finished exploring the woods or grab a hot drink available at the picnic site near the Victoria Road car park. More family walks in England.

Northern Ireland

Castlewellan Forest Park Lakeside Walk

This walk is perfect to take any time of year and equally suited for a picnic on those sunny days. The trail around the lake is relatively flat and manageable with buggies or bicycles. After your walk, work together to find your way out of one of Ireland’s largest hedge mazes or meet the animals carved out of wood in the natural play area. More family walks in Northern Ireland..

toasting marshmallows

5. Toasting Marshmallows & Drinking Hot Chocolate

It’s cold outside, but good news, we’ve got you covered with what might just be the best hot chocolate recipes on the internet! It’s not just hot chocolate, it’s deluxe hot chocolate with marshmallows! What about an equally delicious vegan hot chocolate with vanilla extracts.

friends watching a movie

6. Friends & Family Movie Night

Throw on some comfy clothes, break out the munchies and your favourite beverage, dim the lights, sit back, relax and enjoy! This is what cosy family film nights are all about! All we need now is a list of awesome nostalgic family films to choose from, and as always, we’ve got you covered with Cozy Fall Movies for the Family or what about 15 Classic Fall Films. There’s everything from Harry Potter to the Fantastic Mr Fox to watch.

young family watching sunset

7. Watching Sunsets

Nothing beats a beautiful sunset, except a beautiful sunset shared with friends and family. They are magical, wholesome and healing. Check out the best sunsets, along with where and when you can catch an amazing sunset near you.

To get you in the mood we have picked out some beautiful quotes that capture the magic of such an occasion.

“Life does not come with instructions on how to live, but it does come with trees, sunsets, smiles and laughter, so enjoy your day.” - Debbie Shapiro

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.” - Kristen Butler

“The evening sky was awash with peach, apricot, cream: tender little ice-cream clouds in a wide orange sky.” – Philip Pullman.


Calton Hill, Edinburgh - What time the sun sets

Calton Hill sits right at the heart of Edinburgh city centre. The beauty is that it’s only a quick five-minute walk to reach the top. At the top look out over the historic skyline and see the whole of Scotland's capital. More Scottish sunsets.


Mount Snowdon, Snowdonia – What time the sun sets

This is an extremely popular walk and location for sunset spotters and it's no surprise given the natural beauty of Snowdonia National Park. Don’t fancy working up a sweat? Then ride the Snowdon Mountain Railway to the summit! The area hosts a number of small cafes and eateries ready to serve up something delicious. More Welsh sunsets.


The View from the Shard, London – What time the sun sets

The Shard, the capital’s tallest building. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that this is one of the best spots for a sunset in the world never mind London. The viewing platform allows for amazing all-round views; it has to be seen to be believed. The view even has its own hashtag – #shardsunset. More English sunsets.

Northern Ireland

Giant's Causeway – What time the sun sets

Undeniably one of NI's most iconic landmarks and it’s no wonder given Causeway Coast remains beautiful through all four seasons. Make sure to take plenty of pictures as the sun sets of those iconic slabs of hexagonal rock. Northern Irish sunsets.

family picnic in autumn

8. Autumn Picnic

Whilst summers at an end, it doesn’t mean we have to have to abandon our culinary curiosity. Far from it, Autumn is a fantastic time to be planning picnics.

There is so much wonderful produce to celebrate, the weather is starting to cool, and of course, there’s the splendid natural display of pastel colours to adore. Just a few reasons fabulous fall picnic guide.

Picnic requirements:

  • Waterproof blanket
  • Picnic hamper or picnic cooler bag in warmer weather
  • Paper/plastic plates
  • Paper/plastic cups
  • Cutlery set (bottle opener)
  • Insulated flash
  • Watertight Tupper ware
  • Baby wipes
  • Rubbish bag

How and what to pack: Whilst it's nice to packed in advance, when it comes to a picnic leave it as late as possible to pack, so that your food remains refrigerated. Start by placing the heavier items at the bottom, especially the bigger boxes of Tupper ware if it contains liquid. Then move on to placing soft items like cakes and confectionary at the top. On top of this, finally place your plates and cups. Paper plates are great if you plan on disposing your rubbish after your picnic and makes for easier convenience. Plastic plates and cups should be considered if the conditions are windier. The good news is that both can’t break. Bring wipes to clean the tots off at the end.

Where to picnic:


The Lake District, Buttermere

The slow and sleepy rolling hills of Buttermere are the stuff of dreams. So loved by Alfred Wainwright for the views, this picnic spot is particularly photogenic. There’s plenty of flat grassland around the lake to host the perfect picnic. More English picnic spots.


Hill of Tarvit Mansion & Garden

A carefully landscaped mansion that boats pretty lawns, gardens, and hedges. This Edwardian residence makes for a truly romantic picnic spot. Release your Tiger Woods with a game of 9-hole golf before you tuck into your picnic. More Scottish Picnic spots.

Northern Ireland

Florence Court, County Fermanagh

Florence Court is well suited for a family friendly picnic with its miles of parkland, gardens and nearby forest and it’s all overlooked by stunning mountains. Hiding within the forest, lies a carpenter’s workshop and blacksmith’s forge for you to discover. More Northern Irish Picnic spots.


Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

If there was ever a picnic spot to feel abroad then this is it! Sit back and relax listening to the sound of the crystal-clear water laps up onto the pale sand. Speaking of water, make sure you check the tide timing before setting up, you really don’t want this premium picnic to be cut short. More Welsh picnic spots.

apples picked in a basket

9. Apple Picking

An apple-picking excursion is the perfect excuse to get the kids off their phones and out into the crisp autumn air. Start an annual tradition that the whole family can look forward to every year. Plus, many orchards provide additional activities like hayrides, cider pressing, a gift shop or sometimes even a small petting zoo! The best part is you get to go home and make a delicious apple pie!

When is the best time to go? This will depend on where you live, the apple varieties available for picking, but for the most part, September to early October is prime picking season.

How to pick like a pro? Start by working from the outside in, the most ripe apples tend to reside at the outer edges of the tree. Make sure you pick not shake. Take a firm grip and roll the apple off the branch, it should pop off. Shaking can cause a bunch of apples to fall off the tree leading to bruised apples and waste. Talking of bruising, make sure you gently place your apples in you basket or bag not to damage them, this will cause them to go brown and nasty.

Where to pick:


Craigie’s Farm, Queensferry, Edinburgh

Along with strawberries, it has wonderful raspberries, cherry trees, blackberries, currants, and delicious veg, and best of all it has an October pumpkin season too, perfect for picking. They’ve also recently opened a farm-themed play area for kids. If you are hungry then grab some lunch in the farm shop. Where else to pick in Scotland.


Grange Farm, West Sussex

The Times rated the shop at this farm as one of the top 30 farm shops in Britain. The farm is a stone’s throw from Chichester so access is super simple. Be sure to fill your boots with their pick you own produce service. Where else to pick in England.


Llanvihangel Curcorney - Pick Your Own Fruit Farm

Apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries, tayberries, red currants and gooseberrie, you name it they've got it. It makes picking extra fun as you can snap up your favourite fruits to make a warming pie or crumble. Interested in more yummy home grown produce, well you are in luck, the farm shop sells fresh juices, jams, and eggs. Where else to pick in Wales.

Northern Ireland

Finlay’s Place, Killinchy, County Down

A family run business selling local produce. There is a lovely Georgian farmhouse with adjoining barns. Love gardening? Well Finlay’s Place also sell foliage, alpines, bedding plants and shrubs in their Nursery as well as ready- planted hanging baskets and planters to bring instant colour to your garden. Where else to pick in Northern Ireland.

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