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Okay so if you haven’t heard of KidZania before it’s basically a large indoor city – ran by kids! Yep that’s right! – The Hospital, the supermarket- from being a pilot to being in the police force, every job in the city is run by children visiting KidZania.
Your kids can independently choose from a large range of real-life entertaining activities in one secure and safe place.

KidZania Science Week

From the 13th – 17th March it’s science week at Kidzania – Children will be learning the very best in science and engineering, from veterinary surgery to crime scenes – the kids will never be stuck for anything to get involved in!
All the activities during Science Week will include Key stage 1-3 National Curriculum which is amazing really – the kids are having the time of their lives but will also be learning a thing or two.

So… The aim of science week for KidZania is to show children how much we depend on science on a daily basis, and how important it is in the real world. The ‘Science week’ is broken down in to a few different sections.

Firstly, KidZania have the opportunity to explore ‘Science behind Living Things’. Kids can choose to visit the veterinary care centre where they will learn to identify and address animal welfare needs, also performing surgery on a patients at the PDSA’s Pet Wellbeing centre!
The experienced and knowledgeable staff at KidZania will keep all the kids engage throughout their experience while teaching them all about the different animal groups and the classification about animals!
During the veterinary training kids will visit KidZania’s very own ‘Lily’s Kitchen’ and will learn all about pet nutrition and what to feed our animals to keep them healthy.

The second part of the ‘Living Things’ curriculum includes a visit to the hospital! Kids can get dressed up like surgeons and will learn how to save a life in the operating theatre – using specialist medical equipment and tools. The kids will be in a crucial position to care for the patients at the KidZania hospital – ensuring a quick and healthy recovery! whilst learning essential things about different body parts, organs, good health and survival needs! They will be little experts on the human body in no time!

Science Week - KidZania 2

Your children will also have the chance to take part in activities dealing with crime and forensics. They can choose to visit the Vault where they will learn how to spot fake money under a UV light, while also having the responsibility of guarding the vault! Full to the brim of Kidzos - that they will have to collect from different departments across the city.

As Forensic Scientists’ kids will have the very important job of providing the police Department with Scientific evidence of different crimes committed across Kidzania, within the Detective Agency. They will have to collect evidence and fingerprint samples from criminals and will have to match them up at the crime scene – then providing their findings to the police to help catch the lawful criminal once and for all!

After a busy morning you and the kids can munch through your packed lunch or you choose to grab a bite at one of the restaurants inside KidZania. After a break the kids can visit The University of KidZania! Children will have the opportunity to complete one of the following degrees. There’s the Social Science Degree with Team Margot – This degree will help to raise awareness of stem call and bone marrow transplants with multiple fun and engaging activities. The second choice is the Environmental Science Degree – Here kids will learn how humans impact the environment and what we can do to help prevent the world being affected negatively by human existence. Kids will also have a lesson on how the natural world works and the science behind the natural wonders of the world!

On Saturday 16th March, Brooklands Museum will be joining us in the Theatre to demonstrate how forces work in real life through a fun and interactive show! Volunteers will be called to the stage to take part in a tug of war to understand the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces as well as matching a star material to its most attracted material partner. There’s lots more in this show, including how magic tricks are performed and the density of carbon dioxide, so don’t miss out!


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