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Mum edits 11-month-old baby’s face so she can be an Instagram Model. header image


Danielle Wall has gone to extreme lengths to make sure her baby looks in ‘top form’ for her Instagram posts, editing her little girls face & removing blemishes.


Mum, Danielle Wall has published about herself airbrushing and editing photos of her 11-month-old daughter before uploading them to Instagram, she dresses her daughter up and takes multiple photos of her completing lots of different looks.

Isla currently has more than 1,500 followers and on average gets around 70 likes per photo and currently uploads a few times a week. Danielle says she normally removes red marks, milk spots and other blemishes from her daughter’s face.

Danielle wall stated that she wants her baby to look as “professional” as possible so that she can advertise and promote other business’ online via Isla’s Instagram account. Can an 11-month-old really look professional?

Danielle stated that she wats Isla to be a model when she grows up. She also revealed that she had already starred in a television advert for the Alzheimer's Society.

Despite the negative reaction Danielle receives from people she doesn’t think the changes to the photos are a problem or a big deal.


Danielle spoke to the Sun about Isla after the negative impact online she stated:


"I wouldn't say I'm improving her appearance as such, just making her look more professional for companies”

"I've edited out milk spots, snot and redness but nothing major”

"I've not altered her appearance that much."

Danielle then uploads the edited photos to the Instagram account she created for Isla - lifeofislarose.


Danielle likes her baby to look professional in her pictures as she models clothes that independent companies send her for free, and in return Danielle will post the picture to Isla’s Instagram – Giving the smaller independent companies exposure and recognition across Social Media.

"But for it to work we need to provide the best possible pictures. She can't be red and snotty in the pictures." – Isn’t this what makes babies cute though?

Isla turns one next month, the mum-of-one said she can’t wait until her birthday and plans to start applying makeup to the tot’s face. Isla has been part of a few beauty pageants, at her latest one she won the award for “most beautiful” and came second place.

Danielle told the Sun that she was aware a lot of people are going to disagree with what she’s doing, but she doesn’t seem to mind about anyone else’s opinion. She believes there’s no harm in removing her baby’s blemishes.

"No one has objected to my face, but I am certain a lot of people think it," she told


"But she enjoys it. And if she wants to stop when she is old enough, she can at any time. I would never force her into anything."


Thu, 14 Feb 2019 16:23:27 GMT
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