The Kids Pass App Update

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The Kids Pass App Update

This App Just Received an Update and It’s Fantastic! 

The Kids Pass App has just received a brand-new update! With fantastic new features designed to enhance our member's experiences and truly make the most of their days out with the family, whilst saving money too. 

Kids Pass is the UK’s No. 1 family discount pass used by parents.  Over 1 million members utilise the Kids Pass app to access thousands of family friendly savings nationwide on Cinema trips, Theme Parks, Attractions and Restaurants. 

What’s New 

The app update now includes several unique features that allow Kids Pass members to see their savings in real time, share their memories of their days out and discover how best to use the App with the all new tutorial. 



This fantastic savings feature now allows members to see their savings in real time.  The feature gives members the ability to add and update savings and see just how much money they are saving through Kids Pass. 

Kids Pass Savings

Family Memories 

The memories you make on family days out are precious and something you want to remember. The family memories feature now lets members upload pictures and add family memories each time they use Kids Pass to save on family days out!

Kids Pass Family Memories


Kids Pass members are now guided through the app with the introduction of a simple tutorial.  Members can view the tutorial which quickly demonstrates how to best navigate through the app with ease.    

Kids Pass Tutorial

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Want to view thousands of family friendly offers?

Want to view thousands of family friendly offers?