About this attraction

Explore incredible wildlife at Wingham Wildlife Park

From the majestic moon bear - the only one in the UK! - to impressive big cats like lions and tigers, there is so much to uncover at Wingham Wildlife Park. Go back to prehistoric times and see the dinosaurs at the park, or try to spot the elusive red panda. Whether you're on a day trip or a family holiday, make the most of your time together with a Wingham Wildlife Park discount code when you book with Kids Pass.

Must dos

Animal experiences

Wingham Wildlife Park has a variety of exciting animal experiences guests can enjoy. From meerkat and otter to penguin and sloth experiences, you are sure to be able to find an animal experience with your favourite animal.

VIP tours

During a VIP tour at Wingham Wildlife Park, you can experience the park for two hours after the park has officially shut to the public. During your VIP tour, you will get unique animal experiences and will be able to ask your tour guide as many questions as you want about the animals.

Keeper for a day

During a keeper for a day experience, you will be introduced to the daily tasks of a keeper and will help out with everything from cleaning to feeding. Getting up close and personal with the animals is part of the experience so be prepared to get a little messy!

Cheetah experiences

Wingham Wildlife Park offers special guests a chance to get up close and personal with the world’s fastest animal - the majestic cheetah. Get a feel for their incredible temperament and intelligence, learn about how cheetahs hunt in the wild and enjoy an intimate encounter with this beautiful big cat.

Go back in time at the Dinosaur Zoo

Dino enthusiasts will love the Dinosaur Park at Wingham Wildlife Park, featuring over 20 different dinosaurs from the Cretaceous to the Jurassic and Permian periods. With incredible high-quality models of incredible dinosaurs such as the T-Rex and the gargantuan Diplodocus, it will feel like you have travelled back in time. Guests will be able to learn about these prehistoric animals and how they lived, as well as experience an up-close and personal dinosaur experience that is entertaining and educational.

Penguin experiences

Enjoy the company of the gorgeous penguins at Wingham Wildlife Park. You can get up close to get an intimate look at these beautiful birds in a safe environment, where you can feed the penguins some of their favourite food - fish! As well as a close encounter with penguins, you can learn all about these magical animals in a practical, fun-filled experience.

Otter experiences

Otters are incredibly curious and adorable animals, and Wingham Wildlife Park has a family of Smooth Coated Otters that love guests. Enjoy a unique experience with these inquisitive otters where you can play with them, learn how they are fed and kept healthy and treat them to their favourite treats.

What other facilities are at Wingham Wildlife Park?


Although there is no on-site accommodation, there are a number of hotels nearby Wingham Wildlife Park.

Grab a picnic or enjoy the cafe

Wingham Wildlife Park has an on-site cafe that provides refreshments for everyone including hot and cold drinks, snacks and food. There are also lots of beautiful picnic areas for you to enjoy.

What age groups are suitable for Wingham Wildlife Park?

Everyone is welcome at Wingham Wildlife Park, but children under 16 require adult supervision.

Are there indoor activities for when it is raining?

Wingham Wildlife Park has a range of activities suited for wet weather, including the tropical house, reptile house, chimpanzee habitat, a museum and indoor play area.

When is the best time to visit?

Wingham Wildlife Park is open 7 days a week, with Mondays and Fridays being the quietest days to visit.

What should you take with you?

Wingham Wildlife Park is well-catered for guests, so other than a camera you don’t need to bring much else. Some of the ground may be muddy, so appropriate footwear is recommended.

What else can you do in the area?

Wingham Wildlife Park is situated around the picturesque village of Wingham. There are nice restaurants and cafes in the area, as well as gorgeous architecture to take in.