About this attraction

When and why was it built?

Gulliver's World was built over 30 years ago by Ray Phillips to give children in the Midlands a safe and magical day out that they'll never forget. In 1978, Phillips created a model village in the area, called Gulliver's Kingdom. After realising that visiting children needed further entertainment, he purchased a few second-hand rides, and the rest is history.

What does it offer?

The theme park is made up of seven themed areas:

  • Safari Kingdom
  • The Lost World
  • Smuggler's Wharf
  • Western World
  • Gully's Cartoon Studios
  • Main Square
  • Lilliput Land

There's so much to explore

Each themed area has a number of thrilling rides and games to suit all tastes, as well as several restaurants and fast-food kiosks, so you can grab a bite in between rides. If you are planning a short break with your family, there are also a number of accommodation options to suit your needs.

How big is it?

Gulliver's World Theme Park Resort in Warrington is the largest of all of Gulliver's parks in the United Kingdom and spans 80 acres (32 hectares).

Who is it for?

The park is designed for younger children up to the age of 13 who might not be ready for the more intense thrills of a larger theme park just yet. If you're looking for smaller rides and family fun rather than thrill-seeking, Gulliver's World is the place for you.

What is there to do?


There are over 30 small rides at Gulliver's World that are spread over the park's seven themed areas. The Antelope Wooden Coaster is a hit with older children over 110cm tall, while the Big Cheese Adventure Junior Drop Tower and The Wriggler are great options for younger kids.

Play Areas

For rainy days, there are also a number of indoor play areas available, including a water play area (Splash Zone), a roller-skating rink (Roller Zone) and a NERF Blast Area to keep the kids entertained whatever the weather.


There are plenty of delicious dining options available at Gulliver's World that your kids are bound to love. Grab a burger on the go at Gully's Grill, enjoy some savoury snacks from Diamond Lil's Deli or sit down with a plate of quintessentially British fish and chips at Lilliput Fryer.


If you're thinking of extending your stay at Gulliver's World, there are a number of accommodation options to choose from to suit your needs. You can either stay in one of the park's cosy themed hotel suites, Western Lodges or pitch a tent at the park's Dino Tents area. All you need to do is choose a package!

Other facilities

Gulliver's World is committed to providing its guests with practical facilities to make your visit as comfortable as possible. From mothers' feeding rooms, baby food warming facilities and baby changing areas to first aid stations, smoking areas, lockers, wheelchair rentals and accessible toilets, the park has everything you could possibly need. Limited parking is available for Disability Blue Badge holders, and free coach and car parking is available for visitors at the park's front main entrance. When is the best time to visit? Why are they the best in what they do? The park's opening times vary depending on the time of year you choose to visit. It's closed over winter with the exception of special events (such as Christmas celebrations and Bonfire Night), but most attractions are open for visitors from Easter to October. The summer months are naturally the busiest time of year at the park, so if you're looking to visit when it's a little quieter, then booking your stay during the autumn is a great option. There's something for everyone at Gulliver's World. Each attraction at the park is designed especially for young children to immerse themselves in their own little world, so if you're looking for a family day out during term time or the school holidays, Gulliver's World should be at the top of your list!