About this attraction

Hunt the Exmoor Beast and explore the wildlife at Exmoor Zoo with Kids Pass

Discover a world of magical animals at Exmoor Zoo, including the elusive Exmoor Beast that was believed to prowl the moors. Get up close and personal with a meerkat meet and greet, or try to spot the camouflaged panther chameleon. Whatever your preferred wildlife, big or small, enjoy huge savings with Kids Pass! Sign up today and unlock exclusive discounts on Exmoor Zoo tickets.

Must dos

Discover the Exmoor Beast

Discover the UK’s only pair of melanistic black leopards at Exmoor Zoo today. Thought to be responsible for numerous big cat sightings across Exmoor, the Exmoor Beast is most likely an escaped black leopard.

Be a zookeeper for a day

Become a junior zookeeper for the day and experience up-close interactions with some of the zoo’s residents. Be prepared to get messy as this job does involve some cleaning!

Enjoy the reindeer and mammal experience

Get VIP access to the zoo to get up close and personal with the majestic reindeer and two other big animals such as the Brazilian Tapir, Grey Kangaroo, Alpaca or Sitatunga. Learn about the zoo and get an in-depth education about the incredible big mammals that are residents at Exmoor Zoo.

Discover the carnivore experience

Exmoor zoo has a number of carnivore experiences that let VIP guests feed some big cats including leopards, caracals and cheetahs. Or if you are more of a dog lover, enjoy the dog carnivore experience and get to know the resident wolves, singing dogs and other canine carnivores.

What other facilities are at Exmoor Zoo?


Unfortunately, there is no accommodation available at Exmoor Zoo. There are campsites and hotels in the surrounding area for you to enjoy, however.

Get a bite to eat at the African Cafe

Exmoor Zoo has a menu to satisfy any appetite from their African Cafe. Sample a selection of hot and cold food, snacks and drinks to sit-in or takeaway.

What age groups are suitable for Exmoor Zoo?

All children are welcome at Exmoor Zoo, however, kids under 16 require adult supervision at all times.

Are there indoor activities for when it is raining?

Exmoor Zoo has a good amount of indoor activities including the reptile hut and the bird shacks. There are also covered picnic spots and an indoor cafe to seek shelter if it starts raining.

When is the best time to visit?

Exmoor Zoo is open throughout the week with multiple presentations going on throughout the day. It is quietest on Mondays and Fridays.

What should you take with you?

The ground at Exmoor Zoo may be wet and slippery, so it is recommended that you wear appropriate footwear. As a lot of the zoo is outdoors, an umbrella or waterproof clothing may also be a good idea.

What else can you do in the area?

Exmoor Zoo is located in the picturesque moors of North Devon. You can explore the nearby Exmoor National Park for some stunning British scenery or head to one of the surrounding villages for a bite to eat.