About this attraction

A wild day out with A-list connections!

Located on the Goodamoor Estate in Devon county, Dartmoor Zoo sits on a marvellous area that is protected by 'National Park' Status. Dartmoor Zoo is one of the few zoos across the UK that has its own research facility, where university students can complete courses on animal conservation. Dartmoor Zoo even won Eden's channel's top attraction of the year in 2011. It makes a great day out for all the family, and when you sign up with Kids Pass, you get access to exclusive Dartmoor Zoo vouchers and discounts.

What you cannot miss at Dartmoor Zoo

The 'I bought a zoo' experience

Get a personalised tour of Dartmoor Zoo, along with a detailed story about how this beautiful project came to life and how it has been able to continue its important work, all from Benjamin Mee himself. Learn more about what inspired famous movie director Cameron Crowe to turn this story into a feature film.

Walk on the wild side experience

Can you imagine being able to have a fence-line encounter with a cheetah or a jaguar? Or maybe you would like to experience feeding raccoons and otters? This is all possible thanks to this marvellous experience that lasts for an hour and is suitable for all ages starting at eight years old. Once you’ve finished, you can still enjoy your day at the zoo, as the fee includes a full day pass!

Play area

Made only from upcycled materials, this play area is the perfect place for your children to enjoy hours of fun. Suitable for children of all ages.

What facilities are there?

The Jaguar restaurant

This is a perfect spot to enjoy a hot or cold meal during your visit to Dartmoor Zoo. The restaurant offers a nice selection of savoury dishes, as well as hot pastries and beverages. You can even buy a “Jungle Lunchbox” for your children to enjoy in the outdoor areas.

What age groups is Dartmoor suitable for?

Dartmoor Zoo welcomes people of all ages and ensures a fun adventure day for all of them. Check out Dartmoor Zoo ticket prices and discounts at Kids Pass.

When is the best time to visit?

Dartmoor Zoo is open seven days a week, from 10 to 4 p.m. Because the last entry is at 2:30 p.m., we recommend you plan your visit around morning hours.

What should you take with you and why?

Plan on wearing comfortable shoes and clothes, and think about layering up in case of weather changes.

What indoor attractions do they have?

Dartmoor Zoo has a beautiful wedding venue, 'Goodamoor House', and the Jaguar restaurant, but does not offer other indoor attractions.

What else can you do in the area?

Dartmoor is a beautiful area protected by a “National Park” status, located in Devon County. The closest city to Dartmoor Zoo is Plymouth – just 15 minutes away by car – and the entire zone is full of natural assets and historical sites to visit. Here are some of the best ones:

Plymbridge Woods

Plymbridge Woods is a marvelous park that is crossed by the Plym river. Here, you can enjoy an exciting bike ride along the trail of the Western Railway or walk through the ancient woodland and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

The Royal Citadel

Get a sense of how life was during the turbulent 17th century by visiting The Royal Citadel. This amazing fortress was built to protect the coastline from Dutch invasions, and today, you can book a walking tour with a knowledgeable guide.