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The Flyboard® is a machine which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. £4450 Plus Training 3 Pictures (Right) show the NEW Pro-Rider Kit.
Increase your movement for stunts and tricks.

The New Kit enables you to control the throttle yourself, without the need for someone on the attached PWC.

This gives an experienced FlyBoarder complete control of the power, without relying on communication
and timing between you and the PWC Operator. Please Note: In accordance with the manufacturer's rules and conditions of FlyBoard Sales:
The NEW Pro-Rider kit must only be used after undergoing the Pro-Rider Training 
It is for Experienced FlyBoarders only and is aimed at increasing movement for FlyBoard Stunts and Tricks in particular.
It is also compulsory to complete the relevant training when purchasing any FlyBoard, to ensure safe and proper use for such an extreme sport. £1650 Plus Training ....Want to Fly? .... ....Live the dream.... Two Options are available.
The Basic Kit Option: This requires 2 people to operate.
The 1st person is on the PWC and Controls the Jet Flow and the 2nd uses the Flyboard®.

This version allows a fast learning and great freedom of movement.
Your movement depends on the tilt of your feet, Similar to Controlling a Snow board or skiis etc

The 2nd Option includes the Pro-Rider Kit.
This means you can control the power yourself; giving you better control and flight precision.
It's intuitive use provides you thrilling sensations.

After a few minutes you can already move underwater like a dolphin and challenge gravity like a superhero!

The nozzles under your feet ensure 90% of the propulsion when Arm-jets are fitted
and allows a movement which depends on the angle and tilt direction of the flyboarder's feet.

As you will understand, the Flyboard® incorporates elements from many sports such as;
Jet skiing, skiing, snowboarding and acrobatic dives etc.
The techniques, sensations and overall adrenaline-rush cannot be compared with any other sport!
The FlyBoarding feeling is totally unique and something for everyone's ...
... 'Things to do before I die' ... list.

A Truly Amazing Experience; Extremely Rewarding and tonnes of Fun.

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  • Liverpool Adventure Centre, Liverpool, Merseyside, L22 1RR
  • Opening Times: Please check website for details

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