Zorb Wars - Willen Lake
Zorb Wars (Willen Lake)

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So....What is a Zorb War?
A 'Zorb War' will see you take on your friends at a series of challenges. All of these challenges will require participants to wear one of our body zorbs & are designed to provide maximum carnage!!!

Bubble Football is a craze that is sweeping the nation, but we have decided to put a spin on things.
Whilst Bubble Football in itself is enjoyable, we believe that there is even more you can do in one of our top of the range zorbs.

We are on location at our very own facility. We have 2 brand new 3G astroturf pitches at Willen Lake in Milton Keynes (behind the Premier Inn).
Sessions last an hour, and can be operated with as few as 5 participants! Some activities may not be suitable for groups of a certain size/age.

BUBBLE DUEL - Participants will take it in turns to run at one another. This event sees the biggest hits, and truly determines who has the power (or weight) behind them!

BUBBLE BULLDOG - Starting with one player in the middle, all other players need to get to the other end of the arena. Any player knocked down joins the existing player/players in the middle as the remainder make their way back. This is repeated until everybody has been knocked down. The last person down is the winner.
BULLDOG SMASH - Get past your opponents to touch the back wall as many times as possible within a given time. This is the most intense of all of the activities, and the best to watch!

BUBBLE BOWLING - It's human bowling! Run at the pins (your friends) as fast as you can, taking as many down as possible. Arrange your targets in a way that you think would benefit you most.

CAPTURE THE FLAG - 2 Flags & 2 Teams. Which team can get the opposition flag back to their base first?

LAST MAN STANDING - The 'Royal Rhumble' of the zorbing world. All against all, and the last person on their feet wins.

BUBBLE FOOTBALL - There is still a great deal of fun to be had with a game of bubble football. 2 teams take to the field for a game of football with no rules.

BUBBLE SINGLES - Much like the football but using just one half of the pitch. All against all with one ball and no goalkeeper. Sounds easy doesn't it!?

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