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Originally we started The Fableists to stop the cycle of kids making clothes for other kids. But after looking at how clothes are produced in general we thought, why stop there?

So we decided to not only try and put a stop to child labour, but also make cool clothes from the good stuff. Sustainable, organic materials that aren’t going to harm your child’s skin.  

Stuff that doesn’t cost the earth, or hurt the people involved. And because this isn’t fast-fashion, we’re not leaving mountains of rubbish to rot in landfills.

We reckon fashion should be sustainable, without having to cost an arm, a leg and your style. We’re a bit of a novelty, really. Because we do things the right way at every level.

From growing, to location, to manufacturing, packaging, delivery and more, we’ve done our bit to achieve global standards in our sustainability efforts. Yeah, check us out eh?

If you knew that cotton is nicknamed the ‘dirtiest crop’ because most of it is doused in nasty chemicals, would you still dress your kids in it? Probably not.

The chemicals they use are the sort that leave farmers and their families proper ill. It affects their communities and the environment. And it doesn’t stop there.

When you look at a label that says 100% cotton, the chances are it contains 30% chemicals. And those chemicals can lead to skin and respiratory disorders. Not really the sort of thing you want your kids to wear.

So we make sure our clobber is 100% certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We even check in with the Soil Association to see if they’re diggin’ the dirt we grow our cotton in.

And we’re proud that 95% of the water we use to grow the cotton comes from monsoons. You can’t get much more sustainable than that.

We watch our carbon footprint too. We make our threads the right way and transport our clothes by boat. Planes produce far too much CO2 for our liking. Our tees are then packaged in biodegradable PVC-free packaging, and in 100% recycled cardboard boxes. Proper sustainable stuff.  

So there you have it. High impact clothes, making little impact on the environment and a positive impact on the people who help make it all possible. Nice.

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