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The Pa Kua Knowledge  is a Chinese knowledge with approximately 5000 years old and is designed to be applied in any area of everyday life. It is a cornerstone in the development of ancient cultures among them Chinese and the foundation of many emerging philosophies, one among them is the philosophy of yin yang.

Always present in Eastern culture, especially the martial aspect and philosophical, has the literal meaning of "Eight Changes" ("Pa"=Eight, "Kua"=Changes), also representing the eight states of nature, which humans can use in different situations everyday. The psychologist Carl Jung based his work on this knowledge to explain the collective unconscious.

The core idea about the "Changes", talks about the changing phases of the personal human being, as a natural cycle of life, teaching ways to deal with such changes. The International League of Pa Kua disseminates this knowledge worldwide through disciplines that focus, each, in one aspect of the philosophy of Pa Kua, as a Martial Art, Acrobatics, Edge Weapons, Tai Chi, Sintony (yoga), Archery, Rhythm, Energy and Reflexology.

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