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How Kiddisworld Was Created

I first founded Pregnancy2Baby after many sleepless nights resulting from not being able to get comfortable. It didn't matter which way I positioned myself, this baby was having none of it. Inevitably I started to get grouchy during the day because I wasn't getting enough sleep at night so I purchased a bolster in the hope it would help, unfortunately I found them terribly uncomfortable and far too big, which is when I decided to make my own. 

My Hospital Bag Looked As Though I Was Packed For A Week’s Holiday.

When it was time to go into hospital to have baby number three, my bag looked like I'd packed to go on holiday for a week and I ended up bringing most of it home unused. At that point I remember thinking how much easier it would be if somebody supplied all the essentials that you’d need for a couple of nights, allowing you to focus on the important things for your new bundle of joy and yourself. 

I Wish That I Had Invested In........................

I also wish that I'd invested in a SnuggleBundl. A SnuggleBundl allows you to move your baby around without having to handle them, which we all know can, all too often, results in a screaming baby. SnuggleBundl can be used anywhere, in your pushchair, Moses basket or on top of crib bedding, transfers to a shopping trolley, highly recommended from the mummy of a light sleeper.

Eliminating Colic

I am a true believer in breast feeding but sometimes there are reasons why you can no longer breast feed. My heart goes out to all mothers who truly want to breast feed but are forced to give up for whatever reason. When I had to give up breast feeding my third baby and switched to formula she suffered from horrific colic, one of the worst things a healthy baby can suffer from. You feel helpless and there’s not much that can be done, or so I thought. I’d tried so many different brands of baby bottles and nothing worked until I stumbled across Playtex Nurser Bottles and Drop-in Liners. They worked brilliantly, but I found it extremely difficult to purchase them from the UK. 

Now mothers and mothers to be can rest assured with the knowledge that they can buy these innovative baby bottles from Pregnancy2Baby direct, eliminating the stresses and discomfort of colic. Pregnancy2Baby sells a diverse variety of hand-selected products for mums, mums to be, babies and children including baby reins, baby bottles and Drop-in Liners, by Playtex, and SnuggleBundl.

Changing from Pregnancy2Baby to Kiddisworld

Having been in the shop for a little over 3 months I have found that the items that I am now stocking have moved away from being focused on pregnancy and new motherhood and is now expanding to encompass this and childhood up to the early teens and beyond. To reflect this change I decided to re brand as Kiddisworld.

Why Choose Kiddisworld over others

I have no plans to take over the world with Kiddisworld, but after four children I know how difficult parenthood can be sometimes. This is why I'm devoted to making life that little bit easier for parents rather than just trying to sell products that will waste time, energy and money. 

Nobody is there to guide you through the parenting process, but there are plenty of companies providing a variety of gadgets that they claim will make life easier and simpler, most of which don't really work or aren't even practical alongside the busy schedule most mums have. I pride myself in supplying genuine solutions to common parenting problems, transparently.

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