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The word Jamon, pronounced “yamon”, means ham in Spanish, and if there is one thing the Spanish are crazy about, it is good Jamon. In Spain, Jamons are traditionally made in local family farmhouses. Each house has its own curing room or camara where the Jamons are hung to mature. Such is the rivalry in these local villages that it is not unknown for at least one family member to be left at home at all times just to guard the Jamons.

But why Jamon Jamon? Well, in Spain, if something is good, then two of it must be superb, and the call Jamon Jamon has come to mean just this in the colloquial Spanish dialect.

To the Spanish, Jamon Jamon speaks of vigour and the passion for life. Not surprisingly then that this was the theme for Bigas Luna’s 1992 film Jamon Jamon about the age-old tale of forbidden love, set in the dusty plains of Spain where the locals dream of hormone-fuelled passion and bull-fighting.

The passion for life and good food runs equally as strongly in Camden and Soho where we are proud to be a central part of the rich cultural tapestry. At Jamon Jamon we aim to provide you with delicious food and an authentic Spanish atmosphere. We hope to see you soon, whether you work or live in or are just visiting either area.

Jamon Jamon!

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