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Harness zorbing - are you ready to go rolling? It's guaranteed to be a positively dizzying experience as you give this 'traditional' form of zorbing for two (where you are strapped in) a go. We've got a whole range of venues available across the country where you can go tumbling on the turf, so if you're game, what are you waiting for? It's time to get into the harness, grab your zorbing partner and take a roll for 2…

This madcap outdoor activity gives you one roll that will last around 30 seconds. Now in the scheme of things, that might might not sound like a very long time, but when you are rotating at ever increasing speed on a fairly steep slope with just a harness, hand and feet holds to keep you attached to the inside of the zorb, it's certainly long enough to get you completely delirious with fun. It's a case of sky-ground-sky-ground as you course down the track that will have you totally disorientated, so don't be surprised if you need a hand to clamber out of the ball at the end of your zorbing ride, as the two of you probably won't quite know which way up you are!

At each venue you can expect a professional team hosting the event and a specially cordoned off area for the harness zorbing with a loading site, launch pad and finish area where the sphere is stopped by the arrival technicians who also assist with the unloading of giggling riders. This is definitely an activity where spectators are very much invited, as they can take photos and videos of those key moments, including the look on your face when you realise you will be inside what is essentially a plastic bubble, strapped in to your harness and moving on all axes as the zorb twists and turns. And expect to be 'papped' during those first few seconds on getting out of the globe when you're trying to get your bearings! Oh the photos!

Both of you will be strapped in together for one hilarious high speed spin as a harness zorbing duo. We think this is the best option as the two of you can egg each other on, dare yourselves to do it and generally scream with that wonderful mix of fear and exhilaration. 

Don't forget, there's no need for you to specify your location when you buy this harness zorbing activity, the lucky recipient who will be rolling can choose which zorbing venue to go to. And don't forget, it's a zorbing voucher for two, so they will also be able to invite along a partner for this revolving experience. Of course, you'll need to be fairly fit and healthy to take part in this spheroid activity and as long as the 2 of you are over four foot tall and at least 12 years old, get your harness on, jump in the zorb, you're in! 

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