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About us

At Canesmith & Co we make gourmet sweets for grown ups.  All our confectionery is crafted using the best possible ingredients, and takes inspiration from modern food trends and childhood favourites. 

We make a wide range of delicious treats: from chewy caramels and salt water taffies, to tangy sherbet and real fruit lollipops.  And then there's our Beer & Peanut Caramels...

We’re taking sweets in a new direction - creating modern candy and trying not to eat it all.

Sweets which aren’t just sweet

All our flavours have a complexity to them - they’re not just ‘sweet’.  There’s the bitterness of our innovative Beer & Peanut Caramels, the deep savoury flavour of the Soy & Sesame Caramels, a peppery kick in the Black Pepper Caramels and the salty crunch in the Salt Water Taffies. 

They are delicious sweets to linger over and to be savoured.


Using the best possible ingredients

We’ve spent a great deal of time finding the best quality suppliers to make our sweets special.  This ranges from rich double cream; Tellicherry Black Pepper, the finest pepper in the world from Peppermongers, and a special blend of beers for our Beer & Peanut caramels from a fabulous Cambridgeshire brewery, Elgoods.
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My story 

After a decade long career in the City of London, I decided to abandon stocks and shares for sweets and sherbets.   

A lifelong foodie who is always either eating or planning my next meal, I decided after having children to escape the city and do something I loved.  I’ve always had a sweet tooth and discovered some exciting premium candy makers doing things differently in the States.  I looked for similar sweets over here, and not finding any, decided to try and make my own.  Once I had a sugar thermometer in my hand and saw the magic that happens when you simply heat sugar I was hooked.   Canesmith & Co had begun.  It took over 60 different batches of caramel to get exactly the right textures and flavours, and the rest, as they say, is history.

 My aim is to create modern sweets that aren’t just reminiscent of retro favourites, but that offer something different.  My sweets reflect what food is about today: excellent sourcing and innovative flavours influenced by global food trends.  

I’m making modern candy – and trying not to eat it all.

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